Sundari Cheryl Dembe, PhD

Dr. Sundari Cheryl Dembe has a BS from The University of Michigan and a MS and PhD from The University of Chicago, working in superfluidity. The PhD was completed in the 70's, but blocked from write-up and publication when her advisor died, and those close to her research area refused a woman in their group. In 2000, she discovered that two years after she would have published, very similar parallel research was published, and awarded the Nobel Prize. After contacting the Nobel laureate, she was encouraged and offered support by him in requesting that The University of Chicago award her the degree. At that point, the letter went unanswered. In 2018, inspired by the #MeToo movement, she wrote again, this time with a successful outcome.

She taught chemistry at Diablo Valley College for over three decades , serving three times as Department Chair, as well as an interim Division Chair of Physical Science and Engineering, hired architects for a Physical Science building, and was part of the faculty team assisting the design process. She also taught at Holy Names College, Laney and College of Marin as well as at UC Berkeley on sabbatical.

She was the first woman chemist, first woman Chemistry Department chair, and first woman Physical Science Division chair (interim) at DVC, as well as one of the first women to have children while teaching. She also worked in chemical industry, once in Holland. She authored the ancillary materials for "The World of Chemistry", a 26-episode TV series hosted by Nobel laureate Roald Hoffman.

Barred from normal research pathways before the doctorate, she developed 25 original chemical theories applied to life, society and the individual, interwoven at a lay level in her book The Choice of Happiness, Glimpses from an Extraordinary Ordinary Scientific Mystical Life by Sundari Dembe.

She has been active in music, singing with SF Opera, Oakland Symphony, a global Pineal Toning Choir, and has music videos, two on chemistry reactions, Sundari Dembe's YouTube channel. She has traveled to 45 countries, been a rancher, and meditation teacher. She speaks before many groups, has been interviewed on TV and radio, as well as having her story appear in major news publications here and abroad as follows:

The Choice of Happiness
Glimpses From An Extraordinary Ordinary Scientific Mystical Life

The Choice of Happiness is a soothing balm to realign with what is uplifting in yourself and in your world. The juicy story line leads directly back to the best of YOU.  This is exactly what is needed to connect with that light you carry, which is so needed in these far from ordinary times.  It will brighten your life.

This book is an integrated meal of the whole of spirituality interlaced with science, while the story line reveals ever-unfolding surprises and delights. It provides tools for dealing with some of life’s greatest quandaries, including how to bring a marriage back from the brink, how to integrate the death of a loved one, how to manifest abundance, how to reach forgiveness, and how to rest in the warm embrace of one’s dearest lover, the Self within.  

It follows a nine-year life journey, of transitioning from a guru path through three mentors to arrive in the intimacy of direct guidance, the evolution from being a Seeker to the self-empowerment of becoming a Finder.

Profound global sacred journeys to Egypt, Israel, Bali, and Mexico lead to an awareness of the positive potential within a vortex of increasing planetary disorder.

Esoteric interactions with six religions led me to hold the whole of all these viewing facets into the Divine.

The story is interlaced with original innovative applications of Chemical principles to spirituality and to understanding your own life. This is a profound journey to one’s own Self.

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