Sundari Dembe‘s life has been an intimate mixing of metaphysics, science and music into a seamless solution of Self. She has had a lifetime career as a Chemistry Professor in the California Community Colleges holding degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Physics from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago. She was the Chemistry Department Chair and an Interim College Division Chairperson of the Physical Science and Engineering Department in charge of 100 faculty at the 25, 000 student Diablo Valley College. For a year she was a visiting Professor teaching at UC Berkeley. She taught enneagram, meditation, breathing techniques, yoga for singers, and esoteric practices in varied local and international settings, including Claudio Naranjo’s SAT Sufi mystery school groups. She has practiced Taoism, Vipassana, Nyingma, and Zen Buddhism, Sufism, decades in Hindu practices, Judaism, was ordained as a Priestess and has deep ties with mystical Christianity. She is strongly aligned with A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

She has spent a lifetime singing in choirs, Gilbert and Sullivan productions, madrigal groups, lead chanting and being a conductor in an Indian ashram, performing with SF Opera, Oakland Symphony, Oakland Ballet and at an Oakland A’s game. She now writes spiritual music, giving solo a cappella concerts, leads Vibratory Sound/Light Sessions and sings globally with a Lemurian Toning DNA Activation Choir. She was widowed after a nearly 25 yr marriage and has two children. She runs working ranches. She functions as a Planetary Caretaker, a global spiritual network creator, and has been to 45 countries, often with groups of Lightworkers as described in this volume. She is a lifelong learner and student of life. She has been a psychic and healer and was gifted by Spirit with 150 pages of this book in a microsecond.