Journey to the Heart


I entered into the journey to Israel to do a session with Abdy.  I knew nothing of the group, Jon Marc Hammar, also known as Jayem, who led and organized the pilgrimage, or anyone in it.

I felt intimidated when I discovered that I would be the only Jew at the gathering. I had been raised Jewish and still belong to a Temple. However, I had not had significant connections with Christianity. After seeing that our journey would take us to many famous sites of the New Testament, I realized that I needed some pre-trip study.

I had been in Bible contests as a child, but only on the material contained in the Old Testament.  I started reading the New Testament but realized that I couldn’t finish it before the trip began. I reverted to some books, which presented an overview of the material, but saw that they too were more than I could digest in the time I had. I even in desperation used a Cliff Notes synopsis of the New Testament.

So, being so unfamiliar with New Testament history left me unprepared for what transpired immediately after paying for the trip. I was deeply taken by surprise. From the moment I signed up I became consumed by past life memories from a life lived with Jesus and the certainty that this was a “class reunion” of sorts for those who had been together at that time and place. I knew that I had decided to book this trip centuries ago. I still find it more than amazing that within the 50 of the group, as far as I know, there was a general assumption with us all that this was so.

I have not had a connection in this life with Jesus Christ until the day of the Harmonic Concordance and lunar eclipse of Nov 8, 2003.  Interestingly, that was the day Jon Marc Hammer’s CD of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic arrived. I had ordered the recording because the group was to do a series of daily meditative exercises before the trip began. Listening to or chanting the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic was part of the process. I was one of the last to sign up, so I was excitedly awaiting its arrival to try to catch up with the group process.  As I listened to it the ancient words of Aramaic washed into the fibre of my being.

The next day while I was chanting a long Sanskrit chant at the ashram I attend, Jesus appeared before me in tremendous Light. It was not possible to distinguish his features, because the luminosity predominated. It shone from his entire body, but especially from his head, and I was reminded of the religious art depicting halos. There was an internal recognition that I had known his energy before during that life I had lived in his presence 2000 years ago.

Then quite unexpectedly Jesus stepped into the physicality that I occupy – my very body- and filled it completely, taking up residence. I felt permeated throughout by the most wonderful, cradling, soothing heat nurturing my very essence. We merged on a molecular level and this union created a profound shift in my worldview in subtle and not so subtle ways.

I knew that I had received the ultimate gift of the Lord’s Prayer after hearing it just that once in Aramaic. I had received far more fruit than I ever could have imagined from the trip even before it began. Within about a week, I knew the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic by heart.