Le Chatelier’s Principle


There is a chemical principle called Le Chatelier’s Principle, which describes how a chemical system at equilibrium, that is its position of balance, reacts to stress.  In chemical terms, what is meant by stress is any new input of conditions.  These conditions may be an increase or decrease of any reagent or an increase or decrease in temperature or pressure. Really just about anything new is what this model describes as stress.  Within this context, Le Chatelier’s Principle states, “A chemical system will always shift in such a way as to reduce the new stress which is applied to the system.”

It seems to me to be as true with people as with systems at equilibrium.  It is the pain or discomfort, which we shift to avoid, that pushes us into situations of growth. And it is the comfort when we finally reach our own new position of equilibrium that we experience as the universe supporting us.  This easefulness of flow in some direction allows us to link and to line with the divine intention manifesting.