With thanks to David Hoffmeister for this mp4
Sung at his
Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival
Living Miracles Monastery
Duschene, Utah

From Sundari Dembe's YouTube channel:   

Chemistry Music Videos:

Solubility Song:

Grignard Reaction Song:

Other Music Videos:
Lord’s Prayer (Aramaic):
23rd Psalm:
Peace Invocation (Sanskrit) from the Isa Upanishad:

Music Background:

Music composed through me for the Divine, sung in solo shows:

Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, Peace Invocation from Isa Upanishad in Sanskrit, Breathless Beauty, Surrender, Let Me Love Myself Just As I Am, Step Into The Holy Fire, Lecha Dodi (Calling forth the Divine Feminine) in Hebrew, The 23rd Psalm, Hang Toning, Changing and Changing, Love Me Your Solution, The Chemistry Solubility Song for Net Ionic Equations, Toning with Tamboura.

An Ordained Priestess of Polyhymnia, A Muse of Sacred Music, Symposium of Muses-
Ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson, Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland
An Ordained Priestess of the Divine Feminine, ordained by Lady Loreon Vigne
Of Isis Oasis in Geyserville, CA

Global Lemurian Pineal Tones Choir -Dr. Todd Ovokaitys-
Conductor in Guru’s Ashram
Lead chanter in an ashram –decades
Tamboura Player -Ashram
San Francisco Opera (as chorus)- Wagner’s Die Meistersinger
Democratic National Convention – National Anthem with group
Oakland A’s game – National Anthem with group
Oakland Symphony Chorus (about 25 years)
Oakland Ballet (Carmina Burana)
San Francisco Bach Society
San Francisco Choral Society
Baroque Choral Guild
Rockefeller Choir (University of Chicago)
University Chorus (UC Berkeley and University of Michigan)
California Bach Society
Madrigal Groups
Gilbert and Sullivan – HMS Pinafore – lead- Josephine
Pirates of Penzance