Vibratory Sound/Light Session:

The intention is to provide an opportunity to connect with one’s Divine Self in a direct manner.

Sundari will chant briefly pieces including the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. People will then be randomly called forward and contact made. Each is then gently laid on the floor with a pillow. The energy allows each person to attune to the exact vibration one needs to receive for themselves at that moment to be in harmony with their Soul’s own journey.

Each of our lives is truly perfect. There is nothing that can be changed. Our destiny has been planned from the moment we originated, so truly there is nothing to do. Who you meet, marry, etc. is already mapped out. Take a deep breath. YOU CAN RELAX into the very fabric of your life. You don’t have to struggle. There is no way to be wrong. There is only the choice of how to react to what is happening. Relax into the gift of the exact life God has given you. It is your own perfection. It is your perfect seva (service). Feel God breathing you – each and every breath. Each struggle, each situation, each person, the hard and the easy are the exquisite perfection and exact flavor needed for the constant upliftment of your soul.