A year after Dembe dropped out of UChicago, a Cornell team working on the same problem got what Guyot-Sionnest described as an “exciting result,” for which they later received the Nobel. Dembe wasn’t far off from the same result when she stopped her research.

Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, chair of Dembe’s doctoral committee

“Cheryl’s scientific research was of a very high caliber, and I am deeply grateful that we can recognize her achievements. I want to thank Cheryl for her determination in the face of deeply unfair and unfortunate obstacles. Her degree should be an inspiration to students and scientists alike.”

Angela Olinto, Dean of UChicago’s Division of Physical Sciences

"We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Cheryl Dembe on her academic work, as well as her inspiring persistence in pursuing the degree that her scholarly work has earned,” Merchant said. “It’s clear that she did not receive the support that all students should expect when she was here, and the University sincerely regrets the treatment she received and the decades it has taken to rectify the effects of that mistreatment. We are very pleased to be able to recognize, albeit belatedly, her academic accomplishments now.”

Jason Merchant, Vice Provost, Univ of Chicago

With her book,

The Choice of Happiness

or Glimpses From an Extraordinary Ordinary Scientific Mystical Life

Sundari Dembe gives us a tour de force on how to awaken. I was especially impressed by the way she puts so many diverse spiritual topics together in a way that will empower the reader. I highly recommend this truly helpful and important book to all seekers of the truth.
Gary R. Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy.

Couldn’t put it down! Wonderful book. Its a great reminder of who we really are and the possibilities that exist for us at every moment,no matter what. This book is rich with spiritual insights. You really can't buy happiness and this book is loaded with techniques and insights for anyone on the path of Life. Sundari has a unique way she spins the words and her experiences to a warm mindful connection to our source. I highly recommend It.
P. Bailey

I want to thank you for writing this wonderful book. I bought it last weekend and read it in two days. At first I thought it was just about your journey but then I realized that it's about everyone's journey so I really appreciate it.
I also found it very easy to read because of the type style and size. No big deal but it was easy. It was also very easy for my mind to absorb what you were saying. I had no episodes of my b.s. detector going off as so frequently happens when reading books of others past experiences or memory recollections.

An open-minded chemistry professor takes a good, hard, and honest look at some of the more elusive mysteries of our universe, and comes back to us with the adventure of a lifetime. One pre-requisite for this course is the successful completion of Openmindedness-101. Warning: Be prepared to have your reality challenged. The honesty and openness of the author's approach to some very important but seldom discussed questions is refreshing. Thanks for the wonderful insights!
David Hilt

About half way through the book, knew it would be good, just stunned just how good it truly is.. Deserves to be a best seller. One of the best books I have read so far.

Your book spoke to me beyond words. It also holds a mirror up to my own life, of a life not lived but a hiding in the shadows. This I now know has been a soul choice, and reading your words has awakened more a deeply unconscious vow that desires to be seen. It is however like looking through the mists of time and being unable piece together the trauma that instigated this vow.
M. Foster

Cant recommend this book highly enough, not many books keep me totally transfixed on the content . I can absolutely corroborate her absolute devotion to all that is written within the pages of this wonderful book. A must read for those dedicated to a spiritual pathway.

Vibratory Sound Light Sessions & Musical Comments

I was completely blown away when you sang from your heart with the voice of the feminine divine on the balcony overlooking the lake. Twice as powerful as prayer, you sang the Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic and the Peace Invocation in Sanskrit from the Isa Upanishad.  Blessed is she who comes in the name of the Lord! I kissed your feet to honor you, and your treasured gift of song, sound, and pure vibration. I felt as though I were sprinkled by fairy dust!

But, what I did not mention was that I was feeling a cold coming on, a little tired and after Sundari sang to me, I was completely healed by her love.

Thank you, Sundari!

Dr. Elaine Christine
Author of
The Peace Prophecy
Vision 2013

“Her sound resonates deep within the chakras.”
Lady Olivia Robertson
Head of the Foundation of Isis
Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy,
Author of
The Call of Isis
Isis of Fellowship:
How the FOI was Founded
Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson

I have been elevated to a spiritual place until now I had no knowledge of and I thank you for your leadership in love and in my life. Your healing hands, your voice, the words you speak remain with me always. Your presence transforms me from my soul to the depths of my mind. It is my prayer that the blessings of Jesus forever keep you safe and please remember God loves you and so do I.
Willie Mack
Computer Technician
Diablo Valley College

It was great meeting you at the Mary Magdalene New Moon Feast Day Celebration of the Isis Priestesses of which you be one.  Your speaking & singing of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic was astounding.

Because everything you do, Sundari, is a prayer.  From your Aramaic "Lord's Prayer" to rituals in Cabo, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, et. al. to your emails, to your book.  All are acts of prayer! Which makes you, yes, a planetary intercessor & caretaker.  Cool!

Kai Priest
Poet, Guide, Voyager 

Wow!   Last night, after your session, as my friend drove me home my body felt more spacious inside, which felt good.  I wasn't tired but knew I needed to sleep because I had to be at work at 7 a.m..

After 4 1/2 hrs of sleep I woke up(!) and as I was showering for work, I realized I have a new relationship with my body.  I love it more and am more in it.  At work I thought I'd eat a muffin, but after one bite, I realized that it wasn't healthy, so I threw it away.  I'm softer, calmer and
more glowing.

Thanks Sundari D. angel (and Dr. Pecci for bringing Sundari to us).  I hope we can do this again.  This is a wonderful gift and I appreciate it immensely, to receive your healing energies.

Carol L

Keep singing with your Glorious Voice!
Supriya Towers

We haven't forgotten your beautiful singing which touched all our hearts.  Please continue to share your gifts as your heart calls.

Felicity Anne Paton - British Poet